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    smart legal agreements from your mobile device
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    Edit & Sign Documents on the move
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Lawnote App - Legal on the go!


Manage all your legal issues, all from the comfort of your office or home or on the go


A faster response keeps all sides in a an agreement happy


Managing your documents on smart devices is becoming more common, we make it easier for you to do so

Fixed Pricing

There are no hidden costs for your documents you simply pay fixed prices - you can deliver in a fraction of the time it would take using non-automated methods.


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Customisable Documents

edit your own important documents the way you want

Sign Documents

create a signature using your finger or upload one instead.

Expert Documents

created by lawyers and industry experts/Businesses

Secure a Signature

on any device, anywhere

Calendar / Planner

View your contracts.

Remote & In-Person Signatures

Whether in a meeting or conference call

Unlimited Contract Storage

Store multiple contracts in one place

Real-Time Notifications

get notified in real time when a file is edited

Offline Editing

Edit your docs offline and auto-sync when connected to the internet

And much more!

Theres so many cool things about this app


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“Lawnote is great, I did'nt realise how automation can make life so much stress free”

- Krin Fox

“I simply love automation these days, Lawnote is one app that has made life simpler”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant


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